Text Marketing Program Overview


Lion's Paw Mobile offers a low-cost texting platform by which you can build an opt-in subscriber list of customers, send them text campaigns at any given day or scheduled time.

What below for a quick overview. 











How it All Comes Together

Subscribers sign up to receive text alerts from you by texting your unique mobile keyword to our short code (41242). Your keyword is typically your business name or an abbreviation. Say for example you own a Pizza Business. Using i.e. 'Text FRANKSPIZZA to 41242 to receive offers and text coupons from us'

Utilize this verbiage in different ways i.e. - On your website, social media, in your print ads, flyers, posters, on your menu, on table tents, business cards, everywhere!  Soon you will have a sizable subscriber base. As someone opts in, responses are immediately sent a response text from our software, thanking them for joining the list, but it appears to come from your business.   

You can try it Now…. Text the word ‘LION’ to 41242.


Each opt in subscriber is placed in your 'Keyword' database in our software which are part of your group. We use our Messaging Portal to compose, schedule and send your message to your subscribers. 

For example, you being that Pizza Business, you can send out “football specials” on Sunday afternoon, “after school” specials to catch the high school crowd, “mid-week” specials for the busy family. Any message that you want to get out to your subscribers can be customized and accomplished in an instant! Having a slow day and need to increase business? We can send out a text message campaign in minutes to get traffic flowing right then and there. 

Remember, that customers you keep in touch with will spend 67% more on average!  

Phone: (610) 505-4294

Email: lionspawmobile@gmail.com

  Text: 'lionspaw' to 41242